Aone Outsourcing Solutions privacy policy

The purpose of clearly laying out our privacy policy is to remove any chances of ambiguity when users and clients are accessing information on our website. This privacy policy intents to protect the interests of both the owners of the website as well as the users and clients.

To better understand this web page, “we”, “us”, and “ours” represent Aone Outsourcing Solutions, and “you” or “they” represent clients, website visitors, and third-party service providers. When you talk about “services” we are referring to the services that we provide to our clients – these services are listed on our website according to different regions we provide them in.

Collecting information

There are multiple ways and multiple reasons why we may collect your information. To be able to serve you, we need your contact information. To establish your account with us, we need your business information such as your contact number, email, business address and the contact person’s name, among other things.

When you submit the contact form on our website your name and email address are automatically submitted. We also obtain your email ID when you send me an email using our official email address. Unless asked for, we don’t automatically delete email ids of people who write emails to us.

During the course of time, you will also be sharing with us accounting details of your own clients (after signing the NDA), for example the invoices, bills, and other financial details.

You may also submit your email ID to subscribe to our newsletter or our mailing list.

The use of cookies on our website

We use the standard cookies used by almost 99% of all the websites on the Internet. We don't use any specific cookies other than to gather non-identifying information such as the browser you are currently using to access the website, or the standard device that you may be using, or the region from where you are accessing our website. This is a standard information that we gather to improve your experience on our website.

What are cookies?

These are very small text files saved by the browser in the browser cache. It has no impact on your browsing. These files temporarily store information so that if you make some settings when visiting the website, those settings are not lost when you visit the website again. Most of the cookie files are deleted within a couple of weeks.

We don't gather identifiable information without your knowledge

Identifiable information is like your name, your address, your email ID and your phone number. We never gather user data without your knowledge. All the identifiable information that we have about you, we have obtained from you. Even when you make changes to the identifiable information that we already have, we do it with your permission. Being a company that deals with confidential data from clients from multiple countries, we are highly sensitive about how we obtain data, how we preserve it, and how we use it.

You can get your identifiable information deleted from our systems anytime you want

Though, we would like to inform you that while we are serving you, it may not be possible for us to delete vital, identifiable information that we need to communicate with you and to deliver our services. But if you feel that we have obtained your identifiable information such as your phone number or your email ID unbeknownst to you, you can contact us anytime and we will remove it from our database – no questions asked.

How do we keep your information safe?

You will be reassured to know that AOne Outsourcing Solutions is one of the few companies in India to have its own private cloud to handle data of its accounting clients. While working, all employees need to log into a private cloud hosted on a Tier 4 datacenter under the VMware platform. Our IT team monitors our cloud service platform 24 x 7. You can find the rest of the information about how we manage data from clients on our dedicated page on safety and security.

Being an accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing company we primarily deal with two types of information: contact information and the data of your clients that you share with us so that we can process it according to accounting and bookkeeping conventions.

We may save your contact information on third party service servers such as Google Drive, MailChimp or Amazon Web Services. These are highly reputed organizations, and their security and data safety measures are unparalleled. Nonetheless, breaches happen and Aone Outsourcing Solutions cannot be held responsible for data breaches happening on the servers of these third-party services.

Our indemnity policy

There may be some identifiable data that you share with us, that you may also share on other third-party websites we are not related to. Aone Outsourcing Solutions cannot be held accountable for any physical or financial damage occurring to you when you share identifiable data on another website without our knowledge. For example, if you use the same email ID that you have shared with us, to register for another Internet service, and from there, if using your email ID a fraud is committed that causes you some sort of harm, just because the same email ID has been shared with Aone Outsourcing Solutions, we cannot be held responsible for the damage.

In the same vein, if we have published a link to another website just for information or reference purposes, kindly use the information or services on that website at your own discretion as we are not responsible for the information or the conduct of the website owners.

Security and your data

We believe that when your sensitive information is in our hands, we are responsible for its safekeeping as long as it is on our servers. We use 100% secure servers based on contemporary technology. The data is stored in encrypted form. In collaboration with the client, we can also provide end-to-end encryption when exchanging sensitive data. Only authorized people are provided access to our systems. When our employees work from home due to the ongoing pandemic or other unavoidable reasons, they can access our systems only via a VPN connection.

GDPR compliance

Many of our clients come from European countries or European Union and all the websites accessed from there need to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that the European Union has implemented to safeguard the privacy of its citizens.

In compliance with GDPR, cookies on our website are never saved without the knowledge of the visitors. As soon as they enter our website, a pop-up asks if cookies can be saved on their computers and only if they consent, they are saved. Not being able to save cookies locally doesn't mean their experience on the website is going to be diminished.

Additionally, all the information presented on our website is GDPR compliant.

When you use the services present on this website it is assumed that you agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy contents published on this web page. The information on this website is subject to change as per our requirement and we are not legally bound to inform you whenever we change the text on this web page. It is advised that you keep yourself apprised of the updates happening on this web page.