Deepak Rajput

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Marketing Officer

Deepak Rajput became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aone Outsourcing Solutions in 2016 and in 2019 he also assumed the additional responsibility of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Prior to playing a pivotal role in the growth of Aone Outsourcing Solutions, he worked in many multinational companies as General Manager, Finance Controller, and Head of Sales. Recognizing his abilities and experience, he was nominated to be a member of the Indirect Tax Committee of ICAI for the period of 2012-13.  He is also the member of the Board of Directors at Aone Outsourcing Solutions.

He brings passion and vision to the team. It is his unrelenting passion to create a global presence that has brought the company to its present stage. He is continuously implementing strategies for growth and development. To make sure that the intellectual prowess of his team is constantly at par with the top world-class standards he regularly arranges highly rated international seminars and programs for staff members. He uses his international experience to inculcate a strong desire of learning among the young accountants working at Aone Outsourcing Solutions.

He is often the face of the organization when soliciting new clients and addressing the issues that the overseas clients may be facing. He organizes regular meetings with existing clients to explore possibilities of improvement and to make sure that the clients are getting what they need. He is also the main architect of the organization’s international media image, branding, demand generation, advertising and marketing, content generation and distribution and communication strategies. The primary objective of most of his branding activities is to innovatively use the opportunities existing in the market and drive advocacy and loyalty for Aone Outsourcing Solutions.