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Bhavani Shankar

Chief Growth Officer

Bhavani Shankar keeps the wheels of our organization well-oiled and moving. He was promoted to the position of Chief Growth Officer at Aone Outsourcing Solutions in January 2022. He is also a member of the Board of Directors. He wears multiple hats within the organization. Most of the transformations at Aone Outsourcing Solutions happen through his efforts. He takes care of commercial operations as well as client relationship management. The entire organization heavily depends on him when it comes to driving strategic development and providing world-class services to our clients across multiple countries through growth-oriented transformations and analytical solutions catered towards serving our clients well.

He brings the much appreciated and critical management skills that keep our operations smoothly running, no matter how many clients we take on. Through his 15 years of experience, he brings valuable insights and a deep perspective into factors that accelerate growth and give their clients happy.

In his role as Chief Growth Officer, Bhavani Shankar is responsible for driving business growth through strategic and operational farsightedness and helped the organization create lasting value for its clients who originate from diverse fields.

His initial professional years were spent working in offshore companies that turned out to be a great experiential asset for Aone Outsourcing Solutions. In these companies he was responsible for managing accountants, client relationships and operational fluidity at multiple employee levels.

He loves quiet evenings comfortably ensconced in a chair with an engaging book in his hands, especially on the topics of business growth and management.

His family includes a spouse, Indu Anandan, and a child named Karru.